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Legal Consultant CIPI | Law firm in Durres and Tirana Albania

… Legal Law Firm with Legal Representative Attorney Mikel Çipi offers legal representation service through a maximum and professional commitment. Legal Studio The Chip exercises its activity according to the regulations of the applicable legislation, the protection of interests and the representation of clients. In a complex and constant ongoing legal environment, we offer direct and pragmatic advice to customers seeking practical legal solutions…. read more



Legal Studio “Kushe” has concluded cooperation (service) agreements with several commercial companies, which carry out their activities in the Republic of Albania and in other countries. Specifically, it has concluded service agreements with: “Alba Shoes Group” shpk, “Al-Benis” shpk, “T.N.A” shpk, “NV-SHOES” shpk, “Sincerm” shpk, “Vodafon Albania” shpk , “Petcor construction” company, “Ikeda” hospital, “P&P People” company shpk, “Bit Albania” company, “Pirraci” company shpk…