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Legal Law Firm with Legal Representative Attorney Mikel Çipi offers legal representation service through a maximum and professional commitment. Legal Studio The Chip exercises its activity according to the regulations of the applicable legislation, the protection of interests and the representation of clients. In a complex and constant ongoing legal environment, we offer direct and pragmatic advice to customers seeking practical legal solutions. Our academic involvement keeps us alongside the latest legal developments. Building strong and true relationships with our customers remains our top priority for doing business. Through our professionalism and engagement, we are ready at any time to meet the needs of our customers and to support them in their projects. By making the choice to provide tailor-made advice, we want to know our customers and their environment as much as possible, which implies a trust-based relationship built in the long run together with personal intuition strong and exclusive.

Legal Firm Cipi is established to provide its clients with specialized law enforcement services, representing them in their affairs and providing effective legal and legal services.

– We guarantee our customers fast and detailed communication, correctness and honesty.
– We do not provide confidential information regarding our customers, without their prior approval.
– We advise our clients professionally and constructively at the right moment, regarding the issues of the issue presented.
– We explain our clients the law and the line of legal action that we will pursue, highlighting the possible consequences in their favor or disadvantage.
– We inform our clients about important issues related to timely representation in order to utilize the opportunities provided by law.
– We act objectively and in the best interests of our clients, for the most appropriate resolution of their problems or conflicts.

Our office does not only offer quick services, it also offers later support in all the relevant issues that may arise in special cases all the time you are on our list of our clients.